Thursday, January 20, 2005

Good Things DO Happen To Bad People!

By some stroke of evil luck, I won $150 in last night's MegaMillions drawing. As my friend Aaron put it, "wow, millions of starving kids in the world, and satan wins the lottery". Damn right!

Things I Could Spend My Fabulous Wealth On:
1) Charity to benefit tsunami survivors
2) Clothing for the homeless in these cold, cold winter days
3) My dear mother, who has given me so much in my life

Things I Will Be Spending My Fabulous Wealth On:
1) Excessive drinking.

Should be a good weekend.


dolls like us said...

Grow up the world doesn't revolve around you don't waste your young life on booze get help . Spend the money on a course for school or spend it on good literature or on a bus pass to take to the new job you go out and get from applying to .

Zander said...

Um thanks sweetie, I have a Bachelor of Science and I love my job at one of the Big 4 consulting companies. There is nothing wrong with me spending a bit of money on enjoying life and having a laugh with my friends over a beer.