Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We're So Rich Right Now

Work has gotten off to an insanely busy start this week, hence the delay in my blogging. Friday night was actually pretty quiet anyway, due to me skipping after work drinks and agreeing to see Definitely, Maybe instead of having a big night out.

This was mostly in order to preserve my energy for Saturday, which was Sesame's farewell cruise on the harbour. About 25 of us piled onto a lovely little boat and enough booze to last each of us a few hours. The first couple of hours were pretty mellow, and mostly involved me laying on the sun bed on the front of the boat.

Around hour 3, however, we decided it was time to take control of the music, and we ended up having something of a hip-hop dance party, with an interlude from some Belgian family and friends of Sesame's who did an impromptu performance to "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys. We're pretty sure no one on the shore who could hear us was particularly impressed, and I apparently saw some small children and yelled something along the lines of "HEY KIDS, ONE DAY YOU'LL BE DRUNK IN BROAD DAYLIGHT TOO!" Gotta give the little ones something to look forward to, I always say.

We then ended up at the Tilbury where I think I lasted less than 3 hours before I was far too drunk to be in public and had to be escorted home (with a stop off at Curry Junction on William Street, of course).

Sunday was simply spent at Coogee beach, laughing about what assholes we'd all been the day before, and trying to figure out when our next opportunity to make people hate us will come along. We're pretty sure that's next weekend.


emla said...

Hah, Cathy is day-glo white in that picture!

Awww, I want you to come home now too.

Sesame said...

And...i still have that backstreet boys song in my head!!! Argh

Anonymous said...

I remember when you, Zander, disliked Backstreet Boys. It was the Summer of 2000, and by the end of it we were all yell "tell me why?"