Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's A Lonely Road

The dreaded V-day is here again, and I'm possibly even less in the spirit than I was last year. As I struggle to remember the last time I actually had a Valentine, I've decided that I think it's rather insensitive and obnoxious for people who are in happy relationships to wish single people a Happy Valentine's Day, unless they're responding to the sentiment. It just seems like really obvious etiquette to me, considering today has gone from a day when people used to tell their crush they liked them (how very high school) to a day when single people are even more bitter about their status than usual.

Not that I don't love being single, and I'm not too upset about the fact that I won't be dropping hundreds of dollars on dinners, flowers and gifts, but you know some part of you has to feel a little left out of it all.

Hence, my Scrooge status today when I walked into the office:

Coworker (who has been in her relationship for over three years): Happy Valentine's Day!

Zander: Screw you.

She still isn't talking to me, but I think it's more important that she learned her lesson.

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