Monday, February 18, 2008

Well Compared To Them, I'm Not Doing That Badly

Friday spelled disaster from the moment someone scheduled a farewell lunch for a colleague starting at 12.30 and maybe ending at 3pm. I, of course, ignored all of the warning signs, and immediately started ordering bottles of wine.

Once 3 rolled around and most people were heading back to the office, I bribed a few others into coming to another bar with me with promises that I would buy a bottle of champagne for us.

So you can imagine my condition when I ended up back in the office at 4, since we had a 4.30 meeting to attend. A few of my antics:
  • Sending an email to the team about Jem and the Holograms (it had been a topic of conversation at lunch) and including a link to the theme song on YouTube for the unfortunate young ones who weren't familiar
  • Upon reading ANOTHER farewell email from a colleague (that makes three people resigning in the past month) I sent a mock farewell email to the team as well along the lines of "Farewell...I'm leaving at 5.30, see you on Monday." I promise, it was funny at the time. Not so much in the retelling.
  • Knocking a whole bottle of beer over on my desk while on the phone with a client, leaving one of my coworkers to clean up the mess while I concetrated my hardest on not slurring.
  • Hijacking the 4.30 meeting to lecture our firm partner on why we can't stand her ring tone, and the rules for choosing a new one (the most important rule being that I needed to approve it in the future)

There was more, but eventually we ended up at the pub downstairs, and I dragged along a number of people who had no plans to go out after work. As I was completely wasted, I headed home a little after 9, but apparently a couple of coworkers managed to get frisky with each other and head out together a little after midnight.

So in reflection, I think my behavior was unprofessional and appalling, but at least I didn't bang anyone I work with, which overshadows my own misdeeds.

Show's over, Synergy.


miznyc said...

OK. I laughed out loud at that Synergy comment. Excellent.

I was *just* talking about Jem like last week! So sad for the younger generation to have missed out

Anonymous said...

Jem - Jem is excitement... Oooh JEM... JEM is adventures. I loved my JEM dolls.