Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's Funnier When Other People Don't Get It

I realize that since I'm on the other side of the world, everyone else has probably been perusing this "new" site for weeks, if not months, however I was just today exposed to the hilarity of the blog "Stuff White People Like".

It may not be the best of the racial satire site genre (pioneered, at least in my mind, by Black People Love Us!), but as with all of these sorts of sites, the real entertainment comes from reading the comments and feedback. Your choice of respondents is the following:

#1) People who are horribly offended that anyone would think this is funny, and say things like "Just IMAGINE if someone did a website called Stuff Black People Like?!?! It would be an OUTRAGE!!!"

#2) The ones who just don't get it, and respond along the lines of "Uh...but I'm white, and I don't have a waffle iron. Do you have any statistics on this?"

#3) All the rest of us who are basically just laughing at types 1 and 2, because we know that in the end, the real joke is on them.

1 comment:

cat with the fiddle said...

that's right. isn't it just hysterical how some people react to the site?

you have to admit though that many of the entries are very insightful...