Friday, February 01, 2008

Call Me A Prude, But...

...does anyone else find the results of this CNN poll rather disturbing?

The thing that concerns me the most about the whole thing is that they don't even tell you how much money you would get, which I believe clearly has to be stated in a question like this. Actually, it should have been multiple choice, with people honestly giving the lowest amount of money they would do it for. Otherwise, I am left to infer that 52% of the population would model nude for a couple hundred dollars. I personally wouldn't do it for less than $10,000, but I doubt anyone would really pay more than a few bucks to get a glimpse of my wang.

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In drunken idiot news, after a year and a half of turning down invitations and saying "maybe next time", I finally went along to Thursday night hip hop at Sapphire in Kings Cross. While I love hip hop, and it's not particularly common here, I am simply not a fan of partying on a school night, at least not past 10pm or so, which is when we arrived at the club. This time though, it was Sesame's birthday at midnight, AND she's leaving Sydney in a few weeks time, so I really didn't have any excuses.

Killing a bottle and a half of vodka at her place before even leaving for the club probably wasn't the best idea we've ever had, but at least it made for some great photos, which you can see here. Apologies for the lack of captions, but I'm way too hungover to come up with anything, and the ridiculous and obvious progression of drunkeness through the evening speaks louder than any words I could write.

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Anonymous said...

i'd strip down for a 40 and a pack of cigarettes..