Monday, July 31, 2006

Another Weekend, Another Portion Of My Liver Destroyed

The usual antics this weekend -- a boozy dinner on Friday, drinking from 5pm on Saturday, and a Sunday that was supposed to be quiet, but we ended up ordering bottles of wine at 1pm and I was legless and incoherent by 7pm. I am so tragic sometimes.

Easily the most upsetting part of the weekend was Saturday when a bunch of us went 10-pin bowling for a friend's birthday. Because Australians aren't as exposed to bowling as we are in the US, most of them suck. So as we entered the 10th frame, I was well in the lead (the only person over 100) between all 4 lanes.

I should also mention that I warned a couple of people that I am a sore loser and that it was in their best interests to let me win the game. Alas, some people clearly can't follow directions and some asshole went and got 3 strikes in the last frame, leaving me in the dust. I was seriously livid and couldn't speak to him without sneering for over an hour. I'm mature like that.

Anyway I'm over it and a game of Trivial Pursuit has been planned for the weekend so I will have the chance to redeem myself. The sad thing is that I'm such a sore winner as well. Sometimes I can't believe I have friends.

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emla said...

You have friends because only some of us are dumb enough to play games with you (me, Joe, Scrabble, anyone?).