Friday, July 21, 2006

Still Drinking, I Swear

So it's Friday and I think this may only be my second post this week. I promise I'm not sobering up or anything, have just been insanely busy at work and they've put the firewall back up so Blogger is pretty much #1 on the list of things that are clearly not work-related. All very miserable, and I even went and bought a new watch to make myself feel better, which kinda worked.

I assure you, however, that I am still trashed almost every night of the week. Wednesday night involved going for "one drink" at the pub with coworkers and stumbling into the apartment around 1am. And last night was a friend's birthday dinner which all started out mellow enough, but by the end of it people were drunkenly announcing things that had managed to be kept secret for months. After dinner drinks were at a bar where some loser evictee from the Aussie Big Brother was the main attraction, which was pretty much enough for me to put down my half-finished beer and head home.

Anyway, I realize it's a lame update, but I am still alive and drunk, and at the top of the task list today is buying a black mask for a party on Saturday night...


Just some woman said...

Can I ask you something? Are you proud of the fact that you are "trashed almost every night of the week". You are a young man, don't you have something better to do in life?

Zander said...

HA! Well I go out with my friends a lot, I have a fantastic time, I adore my family, I love to travel and do so often, I read incessantly, and do plenty of things in my life. I don't really see how my life could be much better than that. However, thank you for making various assumptions and judging me based on a blog.

Now, anyone have a light-hearted comment to get back to our regular tone?

Vicki said...

"just some slut" totally sucks. It's probably Zack in disguise, thinking we won't know it's him since he specified he's a woman. Though the tell-tale sign of Zack would be his favorite phrase - "You are lacking in personal development." Hmm. This one's a toss up.

Ben said...

Just some stupid bitch who should worry more about her own life, are you proud of the fact that you waste your life reading his blog, only to post the most retarded comment any of us have ever seen? Seriously, we'd all be happier if we were drunk, and you were not here.

No worries, Zander. You can get better women than her. :-)

just some woman said...

"Just some stupid bitch who should worry more about her own life"
Thanks, Ben. That was very smart of you. That shows the level of American men.
Are you suggesting me to start drinking every damn day and not even rembering what I did last night? Yeah! That's a very nice time! You should be proud of yourself.

Ben said...

Dear Stupid Bitch,

Nice of you to generalize all of American Men. Yes, I assure you, they are all exactly like me. Don't bother coming here looking for any.

Since you obviously have difficulty reading, I'll clarify my previous suggestion which you clearly misinterpreted:

I suggest you stop reading this blog. If you cannot do that, I suggest you stop commenting on this blog. You "don't get it." If you don't comprehend, you shouldn't comment.

I hope this post was intelligent, and more to 'your standards.' Now fuck off and die, you ignorant twat.

Anonymous said...

What else you get, you idiot?

Zander said...

Ouch, nothing worse than a typo when you're trying to insult someone, eh anonymous?

Now if everyone can settle down, I don't see why this is an issue. Some Random Chick clearly isn't interested in reading about drunken tales, so assuming she is a mature individual, she won't read the blog or comment here anymore. And that means the rest of us can go back to our lives, happy and light-hearted, before she came along. Okay? Okay. Hugs & kisses, love you all.

Anonymous said...

Where did you see a typo, zander?
And Ben, thanks for enriching my vocabulary with such a great speech. I knew that some day I will meet a short fused idiot like you. Now I will know how to answer people when they insult me. Thank you again. It's been great to hear from you.
Zander, good luck with your drinking stories.

Ben said...

Just one more question, Zander, then I promise to let it go.

When someone calls you out on a typo, and said typo was intended to be a one sentence insult, how on earth is anyone so stupid as to not see it after the fact?

To you, madame, all I have left to say is what else you get, you idiot? Yeah, you know what I'm talking about...

Anonymous said...

Ben, what happened to "I shouldn't throw stones." and
"Women are definitely smarter than men."? Your words, not mine.
So shut up and follow your own words, idiot!
You are so ignorant and self centered. JUST LIKE ALL AMERICAN MEN!!!

Truecraig said...

This exchange has totally brightened my day. "anon" sounds like my mom, missing words and all.

We humans continue to be works of accidental comedy. Good times!