Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Okay, Maybe That Should Be Betty Crackhead

Thank god it's the thought that counts, cause god damn my cupcakes were a disaster.

Everything was fine until it was time to make the icing. It told me to mix the powder with three tablespoons of soft butter and ONE tablespoon of milk. Didn't sound right to me either, and I ended up with lumpy chocolate powder. Went to pour in a little more milk and it was all downhill from there. At that point all I had was a runny chocolate sauce, so what else does one do but add some flour?

After all that it had all these white flecks in it, which were either butter or flour and I couldn't get them out, so I just put some rainbow sprinkles on top and left it at that. The Flattie claims they taste fine, but I have a feeling there was some purging going on a little later that morning.

Anyway if you'll pardon me, I'm heading to a Scissor Sisters concert that I'm actually not all that excited about. Who says a few beers can't change my outlook on that, though.


Vicki said...

Everyone knows the way you make frosting is to buy it at the store and then throw flour on your face to look like you've been baking. I saw it in a commercial so it's true.

Zander said...

Such are the perils of living in any city other than NYC and deciding to bake cupcakes at 3am -- nowhere to go for pre-made frosting in a tub, which is what I would have preferred to use. Also because I could easily have eaten anything not used on the actual cupcakes, gross but true.