Monday, July 10, 2006

Living In A Material World

I generally don't consider myself a materialistic person. I love fun new gadgets as much as the next person, but I'll spend my money on a big boozy weekend or an exotic overseas holiday long before I insist on having the badass new speakers for my mp3 player that everyone's talking about.

The same has generally applied for mobile phones -- I won't get the cheapest phone in the store, but I also don't need to spend more than $200 on one since god knows I'm going to drop it 8 times within the first week of owning it.

However I was in a certain mood last week and decided that since I have extra spending cash I may as well treat myself, and instantly fell in love with the new LG Chocolate phones as soon as I saw a picture of one. Even though it breaks my rule of not needing a phone to be a camera, mp3 player and who knows what else at the same time, it was just too pretty and I couldn't help myself. Naturally it will be months before I figure out how to use it properly without accidentally calling people via the touch-sensitive keypad, but at least I look hot holding it.

Of course getting them to successfully port my number from the old phone to the new one was easily more of a hassle than getting a 4-year work visa to remain in Australia. After the first two completely failed attempts, I actually went through about 36 hours where some calls were going to my old phone and some to my new phone, and believe me, when you're a black guy with two mobile phones the drug dealer jokes never stop. I had to call my old service provider and break up with them, since apparently signing a contract with someone else wasn't enough of a sign that it was over between us. I think we're both moving on now though, and we'll be better off for it.

Anyway that's it, just bragging about my new toy. And of course I'll want a new one in 3 months when every idiot and his dog has one of their own. Ah well. I think I'll go accidentally delete vital files from it now.


Anonymous said...

Man, that looks like those phones from The Matrix with the spring-loaded thing that shoots up when you answer it.

Chocolate phone? What's up with that name? Does it taste fucking delicious?

Zander said...

Ah yeah, I knew it looked familiar.

As for how it tastes I'm not quite sure, I'm still worried enough about getting fingerprints all over it without slobbering on it as well. Only a matter of time, though.

n. jax said...

this reminds me of the time I kept inadvertently calling your cell phone because I didn't know how to use the keypad lock and your name was first in the phone. i had no clue until one time when I actually meant to call and you filled me in. good times.

of course instead of learning how to use the keypad lock, I simply added an extra "A" to Tony's name so he would be the one bothered by my accidental calls. ha!

Zander said...

Haha we were just talking about that last night. My friend Danny kept accidentally sending me text messages that were meant for his fiancee like "hey baby i'll be right there" and that sort of thing, and after a few times he just put an 'A' in front of her name so it wouldn't happen anymore. I love that I'm somehow responsible for people around the world having to butcher the names of their loved ones.