Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"Speaking of tripods..."

So one thing that happened this weekend was meeting the people who live directly across from my livingroom, bathroom and kitchen windows. To give you the backstory so that makes just a teeny bit of sense...

A few months ago, Cath (of Team America) was over, and a few days later she went into work and her boss told her that she had seen Cath IN OUR APARTMENT, because it turns out they are the people whose side apartment windows face ours.

That essentially made things a little weird -- it's one thing to think that you might pass these people in the neighbourhood or something like that, but to basically know each other means that you have to wonder what exactly they can see. But we just moved on, mostly ignoring this fact -- unless I happened to be drunk and yelled through the window to them, but that's to be expected, really.

So Saturday I went to birthday drinks for Cath's coworker, and who else was there but my neighbours. Of course I'd been drinking for about 6 hours already, so I immediately told everyone in the vicinity that they were my "peeping toms" and I was planning to file charges.

They played along, with the husband even joking that they had a tripod set up in the livingroom so they could have more material for their website about me.

At which point I said as loudly as possible "Speaking of tripods, I hear you can see me take showers!"

You have never seen such a quick combination of nervous laugh + stutter + look for an escape route. It was classic. It was around this time that Cath reminded me that I can be "a bit much" for some people, particularly while inebriated. I just think it means everyone else needs to drink more.

Anyway it's Wednesday morning now, and we've gone back to pretending to never have met each other. Which is cool cause I was worried that now I would have to wave hello to them every time I saw her sitting her fat ass on the couch, or him ironing in the kitchen without a shirt on, which could have been a bit awkward. Especially if I happened to be making one of my naked mad dashes through the apartment from the bathroom to my room because I forgot my towel...

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emla said...

Ha, I'm sure Cathy is SO happy about this.