Thursday, April 13, 2006

"Act Like An Asshole Pills", Now Available

Quick story for you. Was on the plane yesterday when there was all this commotion near us at the back of the cabin. Turned around to see this guy being held down by about 5 of the plane crew. He was struggling and kind of slurring his speech, so I spent a little time trying to figure out if he was retarded or really drunk, eventually deciding there wasn't enough of a difference between the two to really care.

Anyway, he was eventually led to the front of the plane in plastic handcuffs, looking totally out of it, and we had to wonder what the hell was going on.

So once we were off, we ran into some friends at the baggage claim in LAX, and asked them if they'd seen what happened. Turns out this idiot took Ambien or something when he got on the plane and clearly it didn't completely work. You would think with all the reports of people sleep eating, sleep driving, and even one woman claiming she murdered her husband while on the things, people would know better than to take one before being in a confined public space for 13 hours??

Best part is that he remembered NOTHING when he woke up wearing the handcuffs. I guess if you're going to totally humiliate yourself in front of hundreds of strangers it's better not to remember the whole ordeal.

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Disco Cowboy said...

Wow! I really needed that!

My ex-roommate had something like that happen a long time ago. He took Ambien and then he went clubbing with us. We didn't know he had taken the medication. To make a long story short, he ended up doing a striptease on the dancefloor and poured a bottle of champagne on himself. It was sooo bad. I still can't show my face at that club!