Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Right On The Nose

Conversation Monday, with my boss, DURING the company management meeting where he caught me spacing out (because I was basically drunk):

Boss: Hellooooo. You with us?
Zander: Oh yeah, sorry. Just feeling a little under the weather. *Cough* I think there's something going around.
Boss: Um yeah, it's called alcohol.

Whether he thought I was actually drunk or just hungover, I didn't want to know. But it's kind of heart-warming that he knows me so well already.


Joe said...

GOd I hate you and I hate Australia soooo much...I can't wait till the inevitable...the day when they can your sorry ass...oh that's gonna be the best blog entry EVER!

Zander said...

Or more likely, the day I get deported because me and my company are too busy drinking beer in the office to file my work visa application! No, seriously...