Monday, April 17, 2006

It Hurts.

Okay so I wanted to at least attempt to recap the past few days being back home in NYC, even though it's been a total drunken mess and I barely remember them.

Thursday was the day of the wedding, so I headed over to my brother's place in Queens first to meet up with him, his girlfriend and Emla to go to the wedding together. Showed up at the Soho Grand and immediately started knocking them back -- with a little help from the ceremony itself, where we all toasted to the bride and groom with champagne before they were allowed to kiss. Shocked the two British girls sitting at our table during the reception, and danced like morons with my three dates to every song that came on until it was time for me to head to a couple more bars. I think I got home around 5am but not quite sure...

On Friday I believe I managed to refrain from any hard drinking until happy hour, which left my sides hurting from laughing so hard within the first 30 minutes of everyone getting there. Joe was hilariously inappropriate, and once again left us wondering how he has yet to be stabbed by anyone on the street. Especially the people he touches even though he doesn't know them. Or maybe the random depressed looking dude to whom Joe yelled "It's okay, your father can't hurt you anymore!"

Woke up on Saturday feeling like death itself, but still managed to have a few glasses of wine at a family brunch at Aquagrill. Attempted to take a nap in the afternoon and then headed to dinner and then drinks, and then...more dancing like assholes, this time at Hudson Hotel Bar.

Sunday was hysterical -- met up with a few others on the Lower East Side for the best brunch deal anyone has ever heard of (awesome food, and 3 complimentary brunch drinks for FIFTEEN DOLLARS) where there was even a cameo appearance by Crispin Glover (random C-list actor, we think he was in a movie about rats and maybe in Back To The Future but we're not sure) who was looking mighty gay and holding a tiny dog. The highlight may easily have been JB telling us his latest random idea for how to screw up a child's life FOREVER. We love those.

So last night, feeling like a shell of a human being, I stayed in and watched TV while shoveling copious amounts of NY pizza into my face. Time well spent, I'd say. And now it's time to be drunk for the next 3 days. Pardon me.

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emla said...

It might also have been Carlos D. I'm not 100% sure it was Crispin Glover.

"You're a WIZARD!"