Friday, April 21, 2006

God I Love Stories Like This

So on Wednesday, a bunch of us got together for a nice lunch at one of my favorite french bistros. The crew included Emla, Joe the Circus Chimp, Lojo, Belle, Cathy (of Team America fame in Sydney) and myself. We had our usual silly time, laughing and accidentally elbowing people at neighboring tables in the neck (or was that just me?) and all that, and somehow it took Cathy like two hours to tell us one of the best drunk idiot stories I've heard in a while.

Apparently she was in her friend's livingroom after a late night, and they were getting the sofabed set up for for the night, when the roommate's girlfriend staggered out of the other bedroom completely naked, and drunk out of her MIND. She was heading for the bathroom, but upon seeing Cathy and her friend in the livingroom suddenly stopped, covered herself with her hands and went back into the bedroom.

So okay, this is a bit embarrassing and maybe it could happen to anyone. But wait, it gets better. She comes back out of the bedroom after putting something on. And by 'something' I mean a pair of 4-inch gold heels. And nothing else. She then proceeded to walk to the kitchen, because she was lost trying to get to the bathroom. She eventually made it there, and when finished she made it back to the correct bedroom, leaving the heels in the bathroom.

And of course she woke up in the morning and remembered nothing. Made all the more hilarious by comments like "I just can't walk in heels." Oh yes you can, just have a few more drinks babe.

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