Friday, February 17, 2006

Right, Because THAT Makes It All Okay

Joined a few friends for some Thursday night drinks and pool playing last night. To my utter dismay, we ended up on the topic of bodily functions and how they play into relationships (my vote was for NOT EVER, most others gave me that nonsense about it being "natural", whatever people). Of course the entire discussion was made worth it by Therese's lovely story and acute observation...

Therese: This one time my friend was going down on a guy, and she vomited pumpkin soup all over him.

Everyone: Ewwww!!

Therese: Yup. And they kept going.

Everyone: Oh my god that's vile!!!

Therese: Well it wasn't a whole bowl!

Yeah, because it was the precise quantity of the pumpkin soup that was bothering us about that tale. Thanks for clearing that up, Therese.

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