Monday, February 13, 2006

Drinking With Coworkers Should Not Be Legal

My new weekend style seems to be going all out on Friday night, recovering all day Saturday, and enjoying Sunday without a hangover. Is that what happens when we get old? In addition, I have seen a ridiculous number of movies over the past few weeks, which also seems like an old person thing to do. So, I figured before I head out to buy myself some geriatric diapers and non-solid foods, I'd give you my weekend recap:


First outing with the coworkers. It was a farewell for the most senior designer, and obviously an opportunity for me to break out some of my racist and misogynist jokes. Always a hit:

Me: Why couldn't Helen Keller drive?
Female coworker: Cause she was blind?
Me: No, cause she's a woman!

Badum shhhh. Yeah I'm sure I'll be commanding a lot of respect when I get into work this morning. Fortunately I stopped after the black man and a pizza joke, not wanting to pull out all the really good ones within my first month. Gotta leave 'em wanting more, I say. I then headed out into the night to meet up with several other folk for some more beer and dancing, all resulting in me feeling like death the next morning. Which brings us to...


Bleh, nothing much going on here. Lunch, some pool playing and beer drinking, and finally seeing Brokeback Mountain which I suppose was good, but it was really long and I knew it wasn't my type of movie going in, so I'll refrain from giving a full critique.


Another relatively quiet day, but I did see one more movie. And after seeing movies based on critically acclaimed books, or movies nominated for various Oscars, can you guess which one has been my favorite by a fucking MILE? That's right. Underworld: Evolution.

Man it's fun being vapid.


Vicki said...

I've found that the best delivery of the black man and a pizza joke is a) when you're drunk and b) when there's at least one black man in presence. Because all the white people go "Oh, that's wrong" while the black man is laughing his ass off remembering last night.

Zander said...

Ha, yeah, the training manager informed me when I got into work on Monday that he had attempted to tell my jokes over the weekend...and didn't get quite the response he was looking for. So he would definitely agree with a) being drunk. As for black men, there's not enough of them around here. Oops, I mean 'us'. I keep forgetting.