Thursday, March 03, 2005

Uh Yeah Whatever You Say

Forgive me for not posting this earlier, but I don't think you can blame me considering what used to be my brain fluid now mostly consists of Stolichnaya with a little bit of Johnny Walker thrown in. Moving on...

So Saturday night we had plans to meet Jessica and her family and friends for dinner. Conversation with my mother earlier that day...

Zander: Dinner is early, at 6:15.
Mother: Okay. And is it any special occasion for her parents?
Zander: I dunno...I guess it's their anniversary or something.

Turns out their anniversary is actually in August and this was just a random trip to New York for them. Didn't my mom look dumb when she showed up with an anniversary card and a bottle of wine for them. Which she then gave to me and said "Darling, why don't you give this to Stephanie and Harold and explain why you're so stupid." As if my hypothetical suggestion that it might be their anniversary was unreasonable considering I was totally hungover.

Proceed to dinner where Jessica and I loaded up on the margaritas and were acting like such idiots (such as musing how awesome it would be if you got your really dark-skinned black friend coupons to a tanning salon for their birthday) that my mother says "Are you two on drugs? Because if this is your normal state I feel very sorry for you."

Good to know someone does, mom!

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