Monday, January 17, 2011


Some of you will be disappointed to hear that I actually had a rather chilled out weekend. While there was a lot of socializing and drinking, I intentionally avoided being drunk or hungover. As such I have no scandalous stories to tell you about myself.

So I'll tell you one about someone else. This person will not be named (or even nicknamed), but no it's not Juice (or me, for that matter).

A couple of weekends ago, this person was out partying, and blacked out somewhere between one bar and another. This is quite standard for this individual, and tends to be how all his nights out progress.

However this time, his first memory post-blackout was not waking up in bed with a terrible headache, but standing in a strange apartment with someone he didn't remember meeting saying to him "I'm sorry, mate, but you just peed all over my kitchen floor. You have to leave now. It might be okay if I knew you, but..."

I'm not really sure there's any commentary required for this one, it simply serves as one of those tales that makes you feel so much better about even the most humiliating of your own drunken moments. Gotta love those.

(There's also perhaps a side discussion on if it really would be okay if you did know the person who had just peed on your kitchen floor, but I suppose that's a personal decision.)


Jack said...

WTF, tell me you made this up

Zander said...

Oh, I wish I had...