Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Best Spam Ever?

I've always been a fan of creative junk mail, it's always interesting to see what subject line the email hackers in Russia believe will make millions of stupid Americans open and click.

However I have to wonder what the target audience is when I open my junk mail folder as I did just now and see the subject "Virgin Credit Card in ass".

I mean, I have a Virgin Money credit card, but somehow I'm guessing this isn't an official email from my financial institution. And I'm not quite sure there's value in combining financial products with porn. Nonetheless, I would LOVE to see the click rates on that one. If it's successful, I'm looking forward to "Stick your huge c0ck into super low mortgage rates!"


Vicki said...

Love it. You really should pursue a career in spamming.

alcoLOLz!1!! said...

maybe "V1AGRA from CANADA! GURANATEED to make your little credit limit BIGGER"