Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I somehow managed to forget the best conversation I had while working on Saturday afternoon, this one with a guy who was clearly already drugged out of his mind at 3pm.

Me: Here's your wristband -- have a good time!

Crackhead: OH MY GOD.

Me: Uh...what?

Crackhead: WHERE are you FROM?

Me: Um, New York.

Crackhead: HOLY SHIT!

Me: Enjoy yourself, bye!

Crackhead: Wait, wait...do you know...that...that THING?!

Me: Not sure where you're going with this...

Crackhead: Oh you know...that thing...oh, oh...CLOVERFIELD?!

Me: Hmm, yes, I saw the movie.

Crackhead: Wow.

Me: Yeah. Totally.

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