Monday, January 14, 2008

A Touch Of Culture

As Saturday afternoon approached, a few of us weren't sure what our plans for the evening should be. Quiet night in? Big boozy night out? Then someone remembered that Jazz In The Domain was on -- when some world famous orchestra plays in the park and everyone shows up to listen for free while having a picnic.

I'm officially going to start a petition that they chnage the name of the event to Drinking On The Grass, because really that was all that happened. We could barely hear the music, and it didn't really matter because we all got completely wasted on the booze we'd brought with us and spent hours laughing about things we can't really remember at this point. Although before we were completely blind off of wine and vodka, I do remember Murphy spotting some Asian guy putting on sunblock at like 7.30 at night, and Fry loudly exclaiming "Oh thank GOD, wouldn't want anyone to get a nasty moonburn."

We went to a pub once we realized the music was irrelevant, and apparently I spilled THREE beers straight into Murphy's lap (I'm surprised he was still talking to me after that) and I definitely recall Fry declaring that she was "NOT high maintenance" while slamming her wine glass on the table -- promptly snapping the stem of her wine glass off.

Sunday morning was not the most pleasant experience for any of us, but we've all agreed it was a classic night. One that we will need a few days to recover from.

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