Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In Support Of Proofreading

Yesterday I submitted a sort of business case for an idea I have for my company, and was completely mortified to see that my aversion to proofreading had let not one but TWO typos slip through the cracks. For some reason I can't bring myself to properly re-read something I've written, even though I'm one of the most anal people I know when it comes to poor grammar and spelling.

However someone else has quickly eclipsed my own embarrassment. Last night, I logged on to Facebook and noticed that a friend had the status "Claire is peeing so badly". I found this a rather personal item to share with everyone on Facebook, but figured I've seen stranger stuff before and didn't really think twice about it.

This morning, she had corrected it to "Claire is PEELING so badly, not peeing", which made me laugh and also reinforced the need for proofreading, no matter how painful. Naturally, I can't wait to see Claire in the near future to rub this one in.

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