Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I don't know what's gotten into me lately, but apparently my new thing is falling down flights of stairs at the end of an evening. Granted, this time I was actually quite drunk and brought it on myself. And it didn't help that I actually heard someone nearby go "Ooooh". Fortunately they were around the corner and I was able to use another exit to avoid further embarrassment. Not that it makes things much better.

Of course I'm just happy that I chose to meet up with former coworkers instead of continue on with another group of friends for Mickey's birthday celebrations. As of this morning, 3 people are out sick, at least one has spent most of the morning vomiting, and apparently a couple of people almost got into a fist fight at the last bar of the night, not that either of them remember it now.

It's a sad sad day when the person who drank a bottle of wine and fell down the stairs had one of the more respectable evenings.


emla said...

I think you're stealing my schtick!

Vicki said...

The real talent lies in falling UP the stairs. And once you've accomplished that, try graduating to falling up non-moving escalators. I really see a whole career path in front of you. Never give up. I definitely didn't and look at where I am today. Case in point. (I've never actually understood that phrase. Then again, it's 4:15 in the morning, I'm drunk, and I'm on my computer so clearly I'm not a good guage for things. And is that really how you spell guage?)

Zander said...

Err...actually it's gauge. But good on you for trying!