Friday, September 28, 2007

Would You Like Fries With That?

Due to my painful hangover yesterday, I only lasted until around 8pm last night before I had to say goodnight to my colleagues so I could go home and die.

That ended up being rather tame compared to several people I know. Apart from Murphy calling me at 5am to let me know he was just getting home after a night out with his own coworkers, Mickey easily takes the cake by nonchalantly telling us about how he ended up drunk at McDonald's around midnight, got into an argument with the cashier, and ended up throwing his hamburger at the manager. I didn't realize people who weren't homeless crackwhores did things like that. Nicely done.

Since I've been feeling pretty good about life today (thanks to a good night's sleep), I decided splitting a bottle of wine with Katie Tay at lunch couldn't hurt. Now it's almost 5pm, I'm sitting at my desk with a beer in my hand, and completing my career plan, which I feel can only possibly improve if written while I'm intoxicated. Something tells me I'm not making firm partner next year...


n. jax said...

Um...I think homeless crackwhores would probably eat the burger. Or try to sell it.

Vicki said...

Yeah, McDonalds seems to bring out the best in everyone. When my friend was living in Berlin, he went to the 24-hour McDonalds at one of the hours it shouldn't be open and when they gave him regular fries instead of large fries he threw a major fit that started out in German and ended in something along the lines of "this would never happen in America you fucking fucks. I hate you."

Then when I came to visit him we proceeded to re-enact the scene (slightly less dramatically and from the comfort of our booth) while we were at said McDonalds at an even worse hour of the morning (7:00).

I think the lesson here is that McDonalds should never be open 24 hours.