Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Blind Leading the Blind

Someone found my blog today by googling "i stopped drinking how long until my liver works properly".

Sweetheart, all I'm gonna say is that you're definitely looking for answers in the wrong place.

Other ones in the past day include:

"how do you say sorry to a friend after a night of drunken stupidity"
"too drunk to go home"
"drunk texting regrets"

Proper blog post coming soon...


amy said...

Thats to funny! How do you find out what people were searching for when they found your blog? You just made me think....I've been reading your blog for so long I cant even remember how I found you!I know it was at least two years ago when I had a job (stay at home mom now) ohhh rite I must have been bored out of my mind at work just reading random blogs..LOL

Anonymous said...

I was searching for a drunken cheese bread recipe. No luck.