Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Hope The NAACP Doesn't Read My Blog

Me, on Tuesday night:
I hate watching the news in this country. They report on the dumbest little things. I mean, come on, I realize this is a small country and not THAT much happens here, but there's got to be something you can do about it. You know what you need? More guns. That would liven things up a little. Definitely more guns. And black people.

(I am so gonna get in trouble for that last part. But come on, it was a joke!)


Sesame said...

I really should start cursing & crying and throwing the biggest tantrum fit ever for you having said that!!! but at least you know what you're talking about! hahaha

FU1251 said...

sesame, you're a TWAT!

Anonymous said...

Now I remember why I stopped reading your blog. Piss off!

Zander said...

Awww. From your obviously ability to take a joke and enjoy life, I hope you know you'll be sorely missed as a reader. And you were the only one I had in Tennessee!