Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Drunk and Trashy in Vietnam

Oops, I've actually had these for a few days and forgot to post them here. Anyway, if you're interested in seeing how we made a mockery of what could have been a very cultural and educational holiday, click here to see my photo album from Vietnam, complete with obnoxious captions for each photo.

Note the severe lack of cultural sites for someone who spent a whole week there. But if you need any hotel, restaurant or bar recommendations, I'm your man.


Cristin said...

the "pitting through my shirt" caption just slayed me.

Zander said...

Aww, thanks. That kind of balances out how mortified I was when I saw the picture for the first time.

Dea Vida said...


a pool table with no pockets is called Billiards. It's a British version of the game pool, rather pool is a version of the British game Billiards. It has something to do with geometry and angles and math. All three things which mystify me.

Sorry if the spelling sucks, I'm usually running firefox at home which fixes it for me.

Zander said...

Yeah someone else informed me about that. I should probably have known that, being a UK citizen and all. Instead I thought it was some weird Asian version of pool that no one can ever win.

I actually thought I knew what billards was. I apparently was confusing it with snooker. Fortunately, I don't really care! ;)