Thursday, September 14, 2006

You Don't Care Anymore, But I Will Still Comment

So we're a whole season behind the US when it comes to Project Runway. Still, better late than never, I say.

The only problem with this was that when the last season finished, several bloggers that I read on a regular basis felt free to casually throw out the name of the winner without any regard to those of us who couldn't have watched it yet, not to mention the poor souls who may have TiVo'd it in the hopes of watching it a few days later. Honestly folks, if you insist on discussing something like that, that's up to you, but maybe a little warning. As in, does it have to be in the title or first sentence of your post? Anywhere else would have given me just enough notice to stop reading. This season has been just a little less enjoyable for me, and all because of you. How's that for a guilt trip? So just in case there is some poor child in Djibouti who reads my blog but might be a few weeks behind on season 2 of Project Runway (could happen!), I won't mention any details so far.

The one thing that I simply have to comment on though is the colour of Michael Kors' skin. I mean really, what the dick is he thinking, sitting there commenting on other people's sense of style or taste when he just looks like a big hairy mango in a suit? Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture that really represents what I'm talking about, I just know that he's become progressively more orange as the season has moved along. The other night he seriously was just this tangerine head with white teeth sitting on a human body. Maybe he has a beta carotene problem, I don't know. But it's unfortunate for everyone involved.

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