Friday, September 08, 2006

Lazy Days

So it's the last weekday off before I start the new job on Monday. I have to admit, while I've really enjoyed this time to sit around and do nothing for a couple of weeks, any more time would have driven me insane. A few random thoughts that occurred to me while being a lazy bastard...
  • It is SO easy to see how a lot of rich people who don't work become alcoholics. Take yesterday's conversation, for example:
Zander: Bleh, I'm bored. What should we do?
Ellen: Uh...take a walk?
Zander: Nah, don't feel like going outside.
Ellen: Me neither. Should we get a bottle of wine?
Zander: It's only 2pm.
Ellen: So?
Zander: Good point.
  • I've also come to appreciate having a routine. Most days over the past couple of weeks I would wake up, IM/email with people back home, have some breakfast, and then go back to bed. Then maybe go meet some people for lunch, and spend the afternoon drinking at Ellen's place. However the other day I decided to just stay at home and hang out alone. I was going insane by 11am. So I have decided, a job is not always a bad thing.
  • I will probably never live alone. The Flattie has been gone for the whole time I've been between jobs, and while it was great to have the place to myself for a small time, the novelty of it wore off after about a week and now I can't wait for her to get back on Sunday.
  • Lastly, I generally hate shopping, but underwear shopping is just the worst. Because I can stand there staring at the boxes of briefs, boxers, and everything in between, and it makes no difference because I sure as hell won't look even half as good as the guys photographed on the front of each box. I bought some yesterday and tried them on this morning, and needless to say a well-defined six pack didn't suddenly show up to make them appear quite as hot as I'd hoped. Fortunately (I guess), it's not like there's a line of people waiting to see me in my undies, so there's no point in being too vain about it.

Plans for the weekend include, um, drinking, and a trip to the races tomorrow. The races are a big thing here, and in over a year I've never made it, so it should be fun to get into a suit and see all of the girls in their big silly hats and "colourful" dresses. Not only that but we have members seats from my friend's boss, which we're hoping means free booze from noon onward. Giddy up.

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