Monday, September 04, 2006

Drunk and Drunker

Good times this weekend, of course, but I will admit that Saturday night was simply an absolute shocker. I showed up a little late to sunset drinks on a friend's roof deck and I can only assume that some people had been drinking since sunset the previous night. I'm trying decide which of the following two friends was worse:

Friend #1 -- Was already incoherent by the time I arrived (at around 6pm, for christs sake), and would only speak at random times to say/slur things like "I love you all, but fuck you all", and nothing else. Got naked and jumped in the pool, and we have now officially seen far more of his anatomy than we had ever feared we might. Disappeared without saying goodbye, and out of concern we did check the gutters on William Street to make sure he hadn't passed out in one.

Friend #2 -- Not incoherent, but that might have been better. Although already known for his foul mouth and vile comments, he was in top form that night, enough so that I regretted bringing a new friend to the party. After numerous disgusting comments, he also stripped down and jumped in the pool, and then proceeded to walk around and pose wearing his shirt and nothing else. Oh wait, he was also wearing bright red high heels at one point. Passed out for about an hour, before waking up and attempting to sexually assault one of the late arrivals to the party.

My vote is for Friend #2, simply because he managed to make everyone so uncomfortable with his public sexual advances, however Friend #1 definitely gets points for not making an ounce of sense throughout the night.

I have pictures, but I won't blog them, mostly because some of them would probably get my blog shut down, and also because even I am not cruel enough to embarrass my friends on a public blog. I am, however, cruel enough to email said pictures out to anyone who may request them.

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