Friday, August 05, 2005

Yeah, Not Sorry I Missed It

I agreed last minute to head out with some coworkers after work yesterday, and within 2 hours we had been drinking in three locations and everyone had that glazed over look in their eyes that always spells trouble.

And what did I do? I am really embarrassed to have to admit this, but I went home before midnight. While this may seem a little conservative, please keep in mind that this decision was made with respect to the fact that I will be drinking for the next 4 nights, and I still managed to offend at least two people before I headed off. (My apologies to the small Asian man for my comments regarding his family/heritage.)

And of course we have the others, who weren't as wise:

Coworker #1: It's almost noon, and he's still not here. Although he did call me earlier to tell me some long rambling and slurring tale about late night karaoke, not being able to get into his apartment at 3am and waking up on his parents couch. He also seems concerned that one of our female coworkers will never speak to him again.

Coworker #2: Rolled in a little after 11, is not yet capable of speech.

Coworker #3: Managed to show up before 11, and IMed me with "stiiillll druuuunk", which I now have to consider as the new title of this blog.

So now I've heard something of a recap, and I have to admit there seems to be an element of "That Which We Will Not Speak Of" in the air, and I'll have to spend the next week trying to find out what the hell went down.

In the meantime, and for future reference, does the fact that I went home make me smart, or lame?

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Anonymous said...

dude u have a blog about drinking. of course ur lame ;p