Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Jealousy, I Know Thy Name

IM conversation with my boss earlier today, who just started working in the Marketing department at a liquor company...

Former Boss: at our company cafeteria
Former Boss: we can get 2 glasses of alcohol AT LUNCH
Former Boss: and i have to spend $700 on alcohol by the end of the year for "brand building"
Former Boss: my first day i had 3 bottles of finlandia vodka on my desk
Former Boss: and after i met with the HR lady she gave me a bottle of scotch

Drinking at lunch? Spending insane amounts of money on liquor? Alcohol in the office? It's just like my life now, and yet I'm still jealous. Please explain.

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n. jax said...

hmmm... my co-worker and I have given this serious thought-we work with psychologists so we're qualified to make a diagnosis.

It seems you are jealous because while you do all of the same things as your former boss, you are not getting PAID to do them...