Thursday, August 18, 2005

I'm Too Sexy For This Blog

Last night was Farewell Party #3 -- Farewell Happy Hour & Karaoke with only the coolest people I know.

I figure I could take some time and make a quality blog post...or I could just post a bunch of pictures that tell the story and call it a day. I think you can guess which direction I'm gonna head in, though.

So here are pics of each of the fantastic performances from yesterday, where everyone who came was required to sing me a song with a goodbye/farewell theme of some sort. Here was the track list...

I kicked off the night with "Goodbye" by the Spice Girls. Vocally it was a disaster (my throat is still a mess) but fortunately I had Jordan and Chris as my backup dancers to distract the audience.

Then came Jordan featuring Cristin with Bon Jovi's "Always", which must have been awesome because it's still stuck in my head. Or maybe that's because it's just about the last thing I remember of the night. Either way, jolly good show.

And then, yet another stunning rendition of "Separate Ways" by Miss Jessica. And yet another standing ovation from the audience and staff.

There was the touching performance by my brother, singing "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday".

Then I decided to mix it up a little, and do "I'm Too Sexy". No, it's not a farewell song, but it was MY party and I could make my own rules. And I am too sexy, so it was appropriate in general.

Jaya and Melissa managed to make it through "I'll Be Missing You", even with me drunkenly interrupting them every 7 seconds. Well done, ladies.

As expected, Joe was too douche to properly stick to the theme, but "Down Under" was relevant, so I managed to not rip his balls off, curry them, and feed them to him for dinner.

Cristin and Jordan (with help from all of the drunkards) tore it up with the classic, "Total Eclipse of the (Fuckin') Heart".

They also sang "With Or Without You", a song I find vaguely insulting, but I'll try not to take it personally.

Emily picked an awesome one, with Aerosmith's "Don't Wanna Miss A Thing".

And don't tell anyone, but my eyes might have teared up a little when Belle sang "Right Here Waiting For You". Seriously, that's a secret.

My personal highlight though was probably when Jessica decided to do an interpretive dance to a song some dork outside of our group was singing. Not quite sure what the song was, but apparently the accompanying dance called for lots of jumping, thrashing, and ended with a nipple pinch. All I can say is that people were scared.

Finally, 'Big Knockers' and Melissa got up to sing "Baby Got Back", which clearly has nothing to do with me, since it's not farewell themed, and I literally have NO ASS. This effectively ended the night.

So all in all, it was just as awesome and brilliant as I had hoped and dreamed it would be. Full set of pictures can be found HERE, as usual there are enough in there to make your eyes bleed, so click carefully.

And so, farewell week continues...


emla said...

I had to listen to "Separate Ways" this morning to jumpstart my day. God, it's amazing.

Cristin said...

But Z, I can't live... with or without you.

Truecraig said...

The whole evening must have been so touching... especially that last photo. Man, where is your right hand going right there?

That sir, is drunkenly awesome.

Zander said...

You know, I think you're the only person to notice that. But now that you've pointed it out, I'm wondering myself what I was trying to accomplish in front of the entire room with that move...

bigknockers said...

Sadly I was there and apparently being "touched" ... yet I have no recollection of the hand ... thoroughly disturbing yet highly entertaining ...