Friday, August 19, 2005

Crazy Story

Okay, so get this.

I was walking down Wall Street this morning and I hear someone call out my name. So I turn around, and there's girl I definitely don't recognize coming towards me. She walks up, and she's like "Hey!" and I seriously can't figure out who she is. So I tell her she doesn't look familiar, and she tells me "I know...actually, my original name is Daniel. We went to summer camp together."

So I'm dumbfounded. I can't believe this is a DUDE standing in front of me, it's all very convincing. We make some small talk, catch up, but I'm still in shock. Finally though I couldn't hold in my curiosity, and I had to ask.

"Sorry, but I just have to ask, I hope you don't mind...what was the most painful part about becoming a woman? I assume it's when they did their know...down there." She tells me that wasn't it though. Then I was like "Okay, so it was the breast implants, right?" And she said that wasn't it. At this point I have no idea, I ask her "So what was the most painful part about becoming a woman?", and she told me "Actually, it was when they made my mouth bigger and my brain smaller."



Anonymous said...

hahaaaaa ur a dick..oh my god i totaly believed that story for a second.

Zander said...

Yeah, I actually told that one the other night at Happy Hour. Cristin laughed and called me a dick, Emily pushed me out of the booth, Jordan gave me a high five, and Jaya and Melissa felt cheated because it wasn't a real story.

It's that range of reactions that makes the joke so great, really.

Cristin said...

I was so wrapped up in that story and so proud of you for snowing us. PERFECT set up. And you are a dick. An uncircumsized one.