Tuesday, May 01, 2012

April? No?

Nice, I managed to skip an ENTIRE MONTH of blogging. Not quite sure how that happened, but at least one valid excuse is that I spent almost half the month on vacation in NYC and Chicago.

While there were plenty of laughs and drunken moments, it's amazing how much my trips home have changed in the last 6 years. In 2005, they involved drunken karaoke, partying until 5am, and all the usual dumbassery that I'd left behind when I moved to Australia in the first place. This time, I definitely spent two afternoons of my trip hanging out with Fry and her 6-month old baby, and at least two other friends are pregnant. Intentionally!

So yeah, end of a golden era. Although I will admit that when I woke up with some lower back pain halfway through my time in NYC, I did consider the possibility of kidney failure because I'd been drinking so much. Carrying the torch, you guys.

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