Monday, May 14, 2012

So Classy

As one of the inaugural events in my new apartment, I decided to have a few friends over for what I billed as a Champagne Breakfast. The deal was that I would cook up a meal, and each of them would bring a bottle of champagne at 11am on Sunday, and we'd all be super civilized. To be quite honest, it mostly worked. After an insane amount of food and a bottle of champagne each, we were all warm and cozy and full of laughs.

Where this all fell down was when I decided to finish off the evening by heading to the pub for a few beers. While I certainly didn't get overly debaucherous, I can confirm that I woke up in my underwear on my couch around 9.30pm with empty Indian food containers nearby, possibly drooling on myself.

We have decided to avoid thinking about how this would have turned out if Juice had been able to attend, but we're pretty sure there would have been tequila with our scrambled eggs.

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