Thursday, May 19, 2011

Photo Analysis Session

I've spent much of this week putting together my photo albums from the recent trip. I'll refrain from posting everything here as well, but given the theme of this blog is supposed to be boozing, I thought I'd throw one photo from each of my two drunkest nights out and we can mock the results.

London, Royal Wedding Eve

In our infinite wisdom, we started drinking on this Friday at around 1pm. From Pimm's to wine to beer. This was around 2am, long after we'd forgotten to eat dinner. Needless to say, we were rather hungover for the wedding the next morning, and ended up passed out in bed by 9pm. At least this photo is evidence that we thought we were having fun at the time.

Hong Kong, Trashy Night Out

I can only distance myself from these "ladies" by saying that they were friends of a friend of a friend. I don't know their names. But they are clearly at the level of inebriation where one thinks they are looking a lot sexier than they are in reality. Not that anyone has ever looked cool dancing on a table outside of a well-edited music video.

* * * * * * * * * * 

I'll be quite honest, the rest of the trip was relatively tame. I've unfortunately started to drink like more of an adult lately (my previous post on last weekend should be ignored to make that sound more believable) and so nights of drinking until 2am generally remained rather civilized. Go figure.

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