Monday, May 23, 2011

Breaking The Bank

The weekend ended up being bigger than planned. Went to a comedy charity event on Friday evening, which was fun, although I do have this bit of unsolicited advice for comedians - if you're performing at an event that raises money for sick children, doing a 10 minute bit that mocks people with disabilities probably isn't the way to go. (Even if I did find it hilarious.)

Saturday was booked for a lunch with a few friends, where a few of us spent a few minutes during our expensive lunch to discuss how being older has resulted in us preferring to spend $150 on a great meal with friends instead of dancing to loud music in a room full of a strangers. We then proceeded to spend the following 7 hours doing exactly that, so apparently being older just means we spend twice as much money.

And so, Sunday was recovery day, with an alcohol-free breakfast and an afternoon spent on the couch catching up on mediocre television programming. Because there's nothing that makes you feel better about boozing away an entire day of your life than forcing yourself to sit through recent episodes of Desperate Housewives while sober.

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