Wednesday, August 04, 2010


While I'm often up for a bit of mid-week socializing and irresponsible drinking, I'm in the middle of a big project at work and decided it was for the best that I take it easy until at least September. As such, I went to dinner last night but made sure I was on my way home before 10pm, having a feeling things were going to get a bit messy.

And here's a sample of the messages that the Hickster sent me this morning, truly validating my decision:

Hickster: I blame Juice.

Zander: Where did you guys end up?

Hickster: Where didn't we end up? Last memory is around 3am at the Green Park.

Zander: Jesus.

Hickster: I forced Juice to let me walk him all the way home to make sure he got into his building. He fell on his back in the road.

Zander: Glorious.

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Sesame said...

OMg...Haha i miss all the stories! I'm such a boring old woman now!