Sunday, August 22, 2010

Poor Decision Making

Apologies for neglecting the blog for a couple of weeks - I was actually working pretty hard (seriously, guys, stop laughing) and for whatever reason I prefer to do most of my blogging during work hours. There's just something supremely satisfying about taking care of your personal activities and errands on someone else's time.

In any case, I'm not sure I had much to blog about. Until Friday night.

A bunch of us met up for after work drinks, nothing crazy planned but we thought it would be nice to see each other. Unfortunately I'd made two bad decisions before heading to these drinks: 1) that I would have a small lunch, because I've been a bit neurotic about gaining weight in the last few weeks and 2) that I'd skip dinner, which is pretty standard for a Friday night. Poor decision 3) was when I welcomed the suggestion of shots of Cafe Patron.

The only good decision I made that evening was heading home by 10pm, but by then I'd already fallen off my chair in the middle of a crowded bar. (I may also have fallen over in my lobby, but between the fact that I can barely remember it and the only witnesses were a bunch of Asians who I'm guessing don't speak English very well, it shouldn't really count.)

I actually felt quite good the following morning, although I felt even better when Kneels texted to say that she'd vomited on her front door (and her neighbour's) while trying to get it open as she got home.

Needless to say I'm going to aim for a relatively quiet Saturday other than the Swans game tonight (I'm so butch right now) and will make a note for next Friday that being fat is better than making an ass of myself in front of half of Sydney, regardless of how much more experience I have with the latter.

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