Monday, August 09, 2010

Bad Idea Convention

A few weeks ago I had lunch with Paks, and she managed to talk me into doing City2Surf, a massive annual 14 kilometer run from the city to Bondi Beach that had about 80,000 participants this year.

I've always laughed at suggestions that I might participate in this event, despite the fact that almost everyone I know does it most years. However, between the fact that I've taken up a bit of running over the last year, and the fact that Annie lives in Bondi and we could shower there afterwards, I figured why not.

Well the weather was beautiful and the run itself wasn't too bad, but people let me tell you, I can barely walk from my desk to the kitchen today. My right foot feels like half of it was torn off by some sort of rusty machinery, and I'm hobbling around like someone three times my age. Not hot.

The saddest part is that because I'm such a competitive asshole, I kind of want to do it again next year and take it seriously to see what kind of time I can get. I should probably start shopping for wheelchairs now.

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Vicki said...

Isn't alcohol full of carbs? I think we both know how you should carbo-load for your next race.