Thursday, August 05, 2010

Miss Zander, If You're Nasty

You wouldn't think renewing a passport would be particularly complicated. I mean sure, there's the badly designed government paperwork to complete, the ridiculously specific dimensions for the new photos, and the fees that change the day you're sending through the application. But if nothing else, the information on your passport should at least be relatively straight-forward. Should be.

Yes, this is what arrived for me in the email last week. Clearly someone at the local consulate is bored, retarded, or some combination of the two, but either way the joke is on me. I couldn't help but post this to Facebook and got some fantastic advice, such as traveling in drag, or using my passport as an excuse to enter some Business Woman of the Year competitions.

Unfortunately I'd like to avoid getting questioned whenever I cross the US border, so I've already sent the passport back in for a correction, which I'm sure will provide the folks over there with hours of laughter and entertainment.

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Anonymous said...

That is ridiculous.