Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My weekend started out alright on Friday night, where I found my way to bed by midnight, and woke up on Saturday feeling quite alright.

So naturally Saturday descended to a level of drunkeness that I have since deemed totally excessive and unnecessary. I woke up on Sunday in a condition I haven't experienced since possibly my 21st birthday, with absolutely no recollection of how I got home. I also had no ATM card, but I'm guessing I just dropped it on the ground somewhere.

I actually don't remember much after around 8pm, which is probably the most appalling part. But I was definitely out partying until after 2am, by all accounts. Apparent highlights include:

"Do you remember when you fell down the stairs and hit your head on that metal pole and you said you were fine but you decided to lay on the ground until the taxi showed up?"

"You almost walked into a tree on Oxford Street, much to the amusement of everyone sitting at a cafe nearby."

"They wouldn't let you into the Colombian so you came and had a slice of pizza and then tried to get in again...and they actually let you in!"

"I don't understand how you got into Iguana..."

Yeah, awesome. I am actually going to try not to drink until Friday. Wish me luck.


Zee C said...

I remember your 21st... In fact I remember Spring break as you were preparing for your 21st and that poor poor plant at the hotel :)

Zander said...

Haha, yes, well it's fine to be young and stupidly drunk. When you're 28, it's just a little bit sad...