Saturday, May 31, 2008

Professional Slacker

Fry and Duff flew in on Tuesday night to spend a few nights with me before they headed back to NYC. I somehow managed to ensure that I had not one meeting on Wednesday, so I called in sick, and we decided to take a long boozy lunch at Cafe Sydney, possibly my favorite restaurant here.

This all would have been a little more enjoyable if, while sitting on the bus to the restaurant, I hadn't looked out the window and seen my main client standing directly in front of us. I'm still not sure if he saw me or not, but I figure we can maintain a don't ask-don't tell policy and avoid making things awkward.

Once I was over that, we had a fantastic lunch for a couple of hours, did some drunk shopping, and then headed to the Dolphin to keep drinking wine, making it a 10 hour binge session. Combined with showing up late and leaving early on Thursday and Friday, I don't think I'll be winning employee of the month anytime soon.

And as some sort of sweet revenge from my client, I will definitely have to spend a few hours in the office today to get something ready for a 9am meeting on Monday. Considering I've spent so little time in the office this week and not working on a weekend in months, I'll just get over it. And I'm thinking the ready supply of free beer in the office will help.

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Anonymous said...

How is your blog is not up fr the blogger awards. I love reading it! Equally fun, is the Google banner ads that come up on your site. Keep on my cyber friend, I only wish I could keep up.