Thursday, May 08, 2008

Help Needed To Risk Losing My Job

Okay, so this is a cry for help. We've just received confirmation of the theme for my firm's ball this year, and it's apparently Sparkle & Sophistication.

I find this extremely boring. Last year the theme was Gotham City, which resulted in some of the most entertaining costumes I've ever seen at a party. And my main concern is that without proper costumes, people will get boring and just try to look good.

Screw that. As we know, I am completely incapable of taking a party theme seriously. Please refer to my recent wearing of female genitalia on my head at a wig party.

So...what should I wear? A few options have crossed my mind. I could locate one of those Bedazzler things from the 80's and attach cheap plastic rhinestones to an old suit, and look like a tacky jerk who is trying to be sophisticated. Or I could just go completely in the opposite direction, and show up in rags, with a shopping cart and perhaps a strange and hard-to-identify odor.

Suggestions are welcome. And mandatory.


emla said...

I think you should take it all the way and go as Kylie Minogue from her Showgirl tour, complete with 3 foot tall headdress.

Vicki said...

Or you could be Jem.

Zander said...

HA, that is a brilliant idea.

"Showtime, Synergy."