Saturday, April 19, 2008

She's A Naughty Girl With A...Bad Habit

So, I hate to bring out my non-existent prude for a moment, but just thought I would comment on something that I'm just not sure is...right, for lack of a better word.

To give you a bit of context, there was a show that aired here in Australia last year called Summer Heights High, where one comedian plays three main characters at a high school. The show was brought to my attention because one of my colleagues told me that one of the characters reminded her of me -- Ja'mie, the private school girl who does an exchange and attends a public school for one semester, and says things like "I come from, like, a really different environment. We just don't have poor people. Or ugly people. And I, like, don't even understand why someone would even talk to a fat person." So yeah, that was reassuring.

Anyway, another character is Mr. G, a drama teacher who ends up writing and directing a musical about Jessica, a student who died recently from an ecstasy overdose, and the performance includes Jessica being a slut and chasing after massive pills with "E" on them. And the chorus of the song is basically "Ectasy, ecstasy, ecs-ecs-ecs-ecs-ecstasy!"

All well and good -- until they recently released a dance remix of the song, and a video that has fans of the song singing and dancing along. Which you can view here:

My issues with this video:
1) What parents decided it was okay for their 3 year old children to be broadcast nationally singing about drugs and sluts?
2) I'm pretty sure there is at least one person with down syndrome in this video.

I generally love how un-PC Australians are, and it's not that I've ever been overly concerned for the welfare of children or retards, but something about that just seems wrong. Am I just getting old and uptight (it could be part of the whole "gray hair" incident that we do not speak of) or what?

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