Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Weekend, In A Nutshell

[Phone rings]
Zander: Hello?
Friend #1: Hey! What happened last night?
Zander: Last time I saw you was at the bar, but you didn't come with us to the club.
Friend #1: Oh okay. Wasn't 100% sure I made it to the bar. But anyway, I'm going there now to see if they have my jacket. We're gonna have a few drinks.
Zander: It's not even noon. And it's Sunday.
Friend #1: Yup. Come meet us.
Zander: No way. I got home at 6am, I have to start drinking at a BBQ at 3pm, and I have a passover dinner to go to at 7pm.
Friend #2: Oh come on, you have to come. That's all fine. The Jews drink.
Zander: Not enough. If the Jews drank as much as I did, Hitler wouldn't have had to gas them.

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Sesame said...

First of all that convo is hilarious....second of all it's kinda freaky that it says the entry was written on Sunday 20 April when as i'm writing this it's only Saturday 19 April!!!

I miss being in the future! haha