Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Love Surprises

So, Thursday night was a complete mess. But I'd kind of planned it that way -- I had several parties to go to, and a crappy week, and wanted to blow off some steam.

My personal favorite moment was getting to the last club, De Nom, where I was meeting some friends. First of all, I walked into the wrong club (again) but at least I realized it was the wrong place before I paid cover.

And then, I arrived at the correct place, informed them that I was on the list, and got a stamp and went in. When I got to the top of the stairs, a girl was asking for money or for me to show my stamp. Which would have been fine, except I had completely forgotten where the guy downstairs had stamped me. I actually stood there looking all over my hands and arms for a couple of minutes, and eventually had to go back down the stairs and ask the bouncer where it was. I would have been more embarrassed if I'd been slightly less intoxicated.

We had Friday off for some memorial day type thing they have here, where most people start drinking around noon at the latest. Alas, I was far too hungover to even leave my apartment before 4pm, and didn't have anything alcoholic to drink until around 9pm. The highlight was probably this conversation:

Zander: Hey, Jono! I was actually at Lo's place for Passover dinner on Sunday night!
Jono: Uh told me that last night.
Zander: I saw you last night?!

Which is why I was more than comfortable heading home after my fourth beer, and why I am not hungover at all on this beautiful Saturday morning, something that hasn't happened in many months.

Now to figure out how I'm getting smashed tonight...

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