Tuesday, March 18, 2008

That's More Like It

I can only really describe the past few days as somewhat shocking and downright ridiculous. As mentioned last week, I am back in a major party mood, but I guess I thought maybe I'd spread the partying out just a tad.

Friday started with me crashing a farewell event for another group from my company. Despite the dirty looks from the people who had no idea who I was, I accepted a wristband and proceeded to load up on free drinks and food all night for not only myself, but also my 5 team members I'd brought with me.

On Saturday I spent a few hours at the beach before catching the ferry to Manly for far too many bottles of wine with Busty. I decided to head back to the city around 10pm, and figured I could probably go for "just one more". Cut to 4am, when I realized how horrifically drunk I was and decided to head home. Apparently the highlight of the night for the Fisher sisters, who insisted on dragging me to around 7 bars that night, was the following comment that came out of my mouth when a guy in a Transformers shirt started hitting on one of them:

"Hey, AUTOBOT! I'm sure you think you're cute and everything, but this night isn't about you. So get her number, and MOVE ALONG."

I'm guessing that since I don't have any black eyes and my friends are still talking to me that no real damage was done. I'm just going to hope that insulting random guys isn't my new thing when drunk, or I wouldn't bet on myself making it through 2008 alive.

Sunday was yet another drunkfest, when I met up with a few others for lunch at Catalina's in Rose Bay, easily one of the poshest restaurants I've been to in Sydney. After a few bottles of wine we headed to a pub, after which I was off to another pub and ended up drinking with a bunch of people I barely knew at someone's apartment.

I stopped drinking at 10pm and went home only because I had an 8am flight to Melbourne on Monday morning. As you can imagine, a 4-hour workshop plus various other client meetings is not what the body needs after a weekend like mine. And somehow I still managed to have a few glasses of Pinot Grigio in the business class lounge that night before flying back to Sydney.

Not really sure what I was thinking, but it was a fun weekend, even if my kidneys probably have jumped ship by this point and my bank account is a solid $600 lighter. And considering I had a few drinks before coming home tonight, plus I have plans to be quite drunk every night until Monday, let's just look forward to more than a few stories in the few weeks to come.

Sydney, I apologize in advance.

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